Easy Ways to Check Square Footage of Your House

Easy Ways to Check Square Footage of Your House

You are going to buy Best flat in Singapore. It is difficult for homebuyers to get precise measurements of the square footage of the real estate. Investors find ways to get tricks and tips for measuring each square footage of the house they wish to buy. Sometimes what you see online or in an image isn't the same as in real.

Square footage decides the home's market value so, it becomes an essential aspect to count on while looking for a Best flat for sale in Singapore. A house you loved on the internet with a perfect size may not appear the same in reality. Maybe the area depicted covers a dirt-basement, will that be of any use for you? To figure these kinds of issues, you need to know about square footage measurement.

Here are simple ways to measure or check square footage for home buyers or investors, especially when you are looking for a Best flat for sale in Singapore.

  • Specify A Unit to Measure

The first step to measure your square footage is to specify a unit to each square and note it down on a piece of paper. After doing so, measure it to one-tenth of the specified unit example, you choose a foot so, measure it to one-tenth of the foot.

  • Select A Wall

After choosing your unit of measurement, you can start from a wall. Select a wall, and start marking through the interior perimeter. Begin from one direction to another and draw lines on the graph paper based on that measurement.

  • Check Your Floor Plan

The last step is to introspect your floor plan and figure out rectangular areas to multiply with, and you will get the final output or measurement after adding them all together. Also, subtract any area's measurement, not in the calculation.

Buyers Need to Know

As a buyer, you must know for ANSI guidelines to check the square footage of your house. Although ANSI guidelines are nearly the same but practice may differ from region to region.

Rules specified in ANSI guidelines include:

  • According to ANSI guidelines, your staircase and closet areas come in square footage measurement. You will have to count these measurements in your square footage.
  • Enclosed porches or covered areas come in measurement if they heat up using similar systems as other parts of the house.
  • Keep in mind, areas including basements or dens do not come in square footage measurement. A complete basement is also not a part of the square footage covering the Gross Living Area (GLA) in the house.
  • Areas like a garage, pool house, guest house, or any room having access from the main house do not count in square footage for home measurement.
  • According to ANSI guidelines, exterior wall measurement takes place that does not ask for the subtraction of wall width to get actual living space or area.
  • With a seven feet clearance, finished attic square footage comes in measurement.
Final Thoughts

Each square footage has its value in real estate. Maybe an image of a best flat for sale in Singapore does not show the actual square footage of the living space. It is better to have introspection on counting square footage on your own.

You have to follow ANSI guidelines for the same. It is not hard to know and understand these guidelines. Once you are aware of the ANSI guidelines, you can plan your measurement and buy Best flats in Singapore. Even you can take help from the home inspector or a real estate agent.