Factors That Affect Your Real Estate Home Appraisal Cost Value

Factors That Affect Your Real Estate Home Appraisal Cost Value

People looking for buyers for their homes are often confused about the appraised value of their home. Thinking about buying or selling real estate Appraisal Cost may leave you in the circle of questions like how to decide the appraisal value of the Singapore property, what factors will affect the appraisal value and many more similar questions. 

Walking through this blog, you will know various factors affecting your home appraisal value.

House Locality

The first factor is the locality or the area in which real estate Appraisal Cost exists. The home appraisal value is highly dependent on the location of the house. It depends on whether there are local amenities and requirements, including hospitals, schools, shopping malls, etc.

Most people wish to buy a home in Singapore nearest to all the basic needs for their children and family. It recreates appraisal value for the property as more customers seek the same.

Some people have a priority as a good neighborhood while others look for sight. So, different people have different demands based on locality. It will help in the appraisal of the home cost.

Materials Used

Another factor responsible for deciding on home appraisal value is the type of material used in building real estate Appraisal Cost. People want to get the house build with the latest and fresh construction material, and hence appraisal cost of such homes is much higher.

Even if the renovation takes place with modern materials, real estate Appraisal Cost will increase. Also, people who invest in buying a house do not seek additional expenses after buying. So, houses made of modern materials have more appraisal value than old houses.

Square Footage

Each square footage counts. So, every unit matters. The home appraisal cost/value depends on the square footage of the house you are buying or selling. It is casual that house size will affect house appraisal cost.

There are defined rules in ANSI guidelines to measure the actual square footage of your house. You should know how to measure your home footage for your benefit.

Sometimes your square footage appears more than the livable space. You should prevent such confusion as it will help reduce your costs in buying a home and prevent you from investing in the wrong type of real estate.

Age of Property

Sometimes, old homes get more appraisal than new ones. And in cases where old houses get renovated as per modern trends, there is no doubt in the increased home appraisal. People usually get attracted to tags like historic. It will appraise home value for sure.

Number of Rooms and Bathrooms

Another influencer in deciding home appraisal value is the number of rooms and bathrooms in the real estate. Although it depicts the size and covered in square footage a vital factor to discuss separately.

The house size defines and affects home appraisal value. Buyers and investors who wish to invest in more rooms and houses with the same benefit get more appraisals.


No doubt your home's appearance does matter in raising the appraisal cost of your home. Not just the interior but the exterior needs to be appealing to attract potential buyers.

The appraiser will decide on both interior and exterior of your house. So, appearance can influence your real estate appraisal cost. You have to be cautious about your house's external environment. Usually, people ignore how their doorway appears to passers and miss on the appraisal value.

Garages and Storages

Garages and storages also help in appraising home value. The more space you have, the more appraised value to count on.

Last Words

Real estate has different factors deciding appraisal benefits or costs. You need to know them to make an impact on your house appraisal cost in the long run.