Seven Extraordinary HDB Buildings in Singapore

Seven Extraordinary HDB Buildings in Singapore

Real estate in Singapore is a treasure and worth investment. There are several choices to make amongst housing properties, including HDB resale flats, BOD (Built-On-Demand) flats, and many more.
People in Singapore live in privately-held property due to the higher prices of HDB flats. In the same price range, it is easy to get private property than HDB flats.
Today, I am going to tell you about the seven extraordinary HDB buildings in Singapore. Since people are price-sensitive after this corona rage, HDB comes in various prices and customization.

1.    Kampong Silat Estate: It is a four-story block in Silat Avenue. There are hidden facts about this building. It was abandoned in 2000 and is known for its architecture. This real estate came into existence between 1948-1952.

Kampong Silat Estate got its name from a village Kampong whose people moved to this Silat Avenue. There are 15 flats in total in this building. Also, five houses of this classic building have gazetted under the URA masterplan.

1.    Selegie House: It is a building with one block of 20-story flats and two blocks of 10-story flats. It is 60 meters in height built-in 1963. It is a type of mixed HDB flats with commercial and residential blocks.

2.   Blk 63-66 Yung Kuang Road: It is four-diamond-shaped blocks speaking of the city's poverty. People with low-income status and foreigners live in this building. 

3.    Blk 259 Ang Mo Kio: Ang Mo Kio is known for its circular flats in the Singapore property market. This building was built-in 1982, known for its unique architecture. 

It contains 99 five-room housing with four units per floor. Also, the uniqueness of this building is the use of solid raw material instead of hollow bricks. Its bedroom design is towards North or South and kitchens towards east or west.

1.    Blk 661-663 Buffalo Road: Blk 661-663 buffalo road real estate building is an elegant property. It was the first building where the idea of lift installation came. Earlier lifts were the attraction in shopping malls and hotels. But for testing lift installation, HDB chose this building to upgrade bubble lifts.

It is a pleasant feeling to ascend with the lift noticing worldly activities around and ease for people with disabilities. 

1.    HDB Terrace Flats: HDB terrace flats have all the features of double storytelling, with a porch and sloped roof. There are numbers assigned to the homes according to the block. Terrace flats were constructed back in the 1960s by Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT).

Nowadays, terrace flats are not in trend due to limited land supply and land-owning restrictions in Singapore. So, HDB is not building any of these houses. And HDB terrace flats are cheaper in comparison with similar landed property or home. 

1.    Blk 78 Tiong Bahru: Tiong Bahru is an elegant building in Singapore. People find it suitable for weekend brunches. It is in Yong Siak Street, which is another world experience in Singapore. Building and residentials in this locality are far from expectations.

Wrapping Up


Property investment in Singapore is a craze for investors and frequent visitors to Singapore. It is due to the elegance and beauty of housing property in Singapore. Apart from this, political stability, low crime rates, and ease of living bring people to Singapore.
Now you know a lot about the famous HDB flats in Singapore. Singapore property market always attracts crazy investors and people looking for housing to settle in Singapore. Also, foreigners who are frequent visitors to Singapore prefer owning a private house rather than staying in hotels.