Things to do before listing a house for sale

Things to do before listing a house for sale

If you are planning to sell your house and listing it for the people, then you need to follow some crucial steps. For making a great impression to the buyers so that they could get attracted towards your deal.

You have to make sure that your potential buyer should have a feel like home after seeing and roaming around in your “house for sale”. And for that, you have to work and make it a better place. Here we go.


The cleaning and decluttering cannot be seen as an overstated statement in condominiums in Singapore. It will make your interior look better to potential buyers. There are certain ways through which you can implement it. You can eliminate clutter before the cleansing of your entire house. You can just select the most unwanted and unnecessary items and donate them to charity or NGOs. You can also prefer to recycle those items or can offer them to local recycling companies.

If you want your house to be perfect, there is one option for you to make it clean or you can do a home makeover. Deep clean. Yes, you can deep clean your house. But this demerit is that this needs a massive time requirement. After investing your and time and deep cleaning the whole house you’ll get to know that it was worth it. The overall appearance of your house has improved.

Many potential buyers love to see organize clothes, cabinets, and drawers, or the other interiors of the house. It can be considered as the most private area for someone as it will further contain the essentials of the person.


Houses are not perfect, for some, it is the whole package and for some, it still needed to be maintained; it is kind of unpredictable in the real estate business in Singapore. You just have to make a list about the house that you think would be needed to be repaired and do a home makeover so that the potential buyer will have no regrets about buying that. You have to check the leaking of faucets or toilets and fix it. 

Just like the leakages check for the cracks or broken windows. Repair them and prefer to paint your home in neutral or maybe with a pleasing color that complements your home plus have a soothing tone.

If you want your buyer to buy the property of yours you have to be more attentive. Just like that fix all the small and big problems that needed to be repaired like window screens, any kind of damage in the walls, burned-out light bulbs or LEDs, tubs, showers, sinks, and even have a look in the garden area or terrace (if you have one).

Curb Appeal

If you want to attract potential buyers to the real estate business in Singapore you have to clean or repair your house from the outside as well. As mentioned earlier repair the items in your garden area. Trim bushes, shrubs, or trees so that they would not look messy but perfect. Repair your broken gutters and boundaries. If it’s appropriate and not time-consuming for you, you can also a new mulch, river rock, or pea gravel.

Take a look in your driveways and walkways, if they are damaged repair them or clean them. You can also put some pots which will maintain the color of the season and also which can contrast with the color of your house. You can put a new welcome mat or put some indoor plants at the doorstep of your house to make it look fresh and enlightened. Your potential buyers will feel the warmth and feels like a home and will surely buy property from you.