Tips to Make Your Precious Home Burglary-Proof

Tips to Make Your Precious Home Burglary-Proof

Owning a house is a privilege, and making it burglary-proof is a necessity. A real estate owner is often looking for ways to make his/her house burglary-proof. It is a necessary thing to do because the house is not a one-day dream that comes true. People want to protect their assets from evil eyes and wrong hands.

So, here are the top ways to make your house burglary-proof for a longer duration.

●    Smart Locks

Intelligent surveillance is a necessity with the trending and latest security advancements. You might be wondering about smart locks for home security. Yes, it is a great choice compared with physical keys and locks. These days it is even hard to find a duplicate key-maker in-case you lose your house-key.

There are cases when you lose your house key, or sometimes a wrong person fakes about losing it, and burglary takes place. In such cases, you end up losing your valuable assets and things from the house. So, the smart choice to use smart locks that can operate using your fingerprints, mobile device, or keypad system.

●    Square Doors

In an older era, burglars used broomstick or any kind of stick to block your doorway from opening. But nowadays, you need to act smarter by installing square door locks to avoid such burglary cases.

It is the best thing for sliding doors to prevent opening again and again. You can even get fresh air by letting it few inches away from closing. You can handle it with your legs without bending, again and again, to open and close the door.

●    Secure Your Safe

These days people choose to build a safe/locker at home to secure valuables like property papers, assets, and valuables. It is a better idea to make it more secure because a burglar knows all the tricks to break your locker's lock.

You can make your locker secure by hiding your safe under furniture by bolting in the floor or on the ceiling and cover it with a wooden sheet or something. It is necessary as thieves will first look for lockers to grab the most valuables of your homes.

●    Employ Webcams

Smart technology is a way smart these days. You can keep an eye on your home when you are not around. Install webcams inside your house, at least at places where you keep valuables and assets.

●    Strengthen Your Door Security

One of the necessary tasks is to strengthen your door security. The area on the door that is the most vulnerable and attack area for burglary is the doorjamb. Most burglars strike on the door-frame to break-off the lock. Sometimes, strike plates come with fixed screws. Keep in mind these screws can be the glitches to help burglars entering your house. Make sure to have these screws of at least three inches to avoid breaking out.

The best way to handle doorjamb and strike plate affix is to put additional hardware to prevent breakage. A doorjamb with a steel guard can keep the wooden door intact, even after a hard kick at the burglar's end.

Last Words

These are a few options to keep your home burglary-proof. But you can think of other ways out, like securing your mailbox while you are away or put up alarms. In real estate, people look for the best coverage after investing chunks of money one-time in buying a house.