Tips to Reduce your Property Taxes [Easy Steps]

Tips to Reduce your Property Taxes [Easy Steps]

Generally, people owing property or real estate have to pay high tax payments suffering. It is because real estate is over-assessed according to its value and returns high taxes for property owners.

But, you know what you can save yourself from high property taxes? Yes, you heard it right. In this, you will walk through easy steps to reduce your property taxes.

Tips to Reduce Your Property Taxes

There is a misconception among homeowners and property holders that they can not handle lowering their property taxes, but this is not true.

  • Know to Calculate Your Tax

Real estate tax calculation is different for different states and localities. Let us suppose tax calculation for real estate in Singapore. In Singapore, the annual property tax calculation is the multiplication of annual value with property tax rates apply to the property holder.

If you wish to know your tax, be aware of the calculation procedure in your locality. It will make all the difference. There are rules for property tax in every state, and you should follow them.

  • See Your Neighbours Tax Payment

As in the last point, you see, there are rules and regulations for property tax in every state; check with your neighbors about what they are paying for the same property type as yours. Find out if they are paying less or equal.

You might be thinking about how it is possible. It can happen due to the time of assessments. May be your tax calculation took place when rates were high. In this case, you can check with your neighbors and seek the assessor asking for lower rates.

  • Look for Appraisal

Are you aware of real estate appraisal? You can appraise your property by $300-400, and no assessor can deny that. If the assessors do not accept your request or proposal for appraisal, something is wrong. You are missing some mystery and should look into this matter.

  • Be Conscious of Your Surrounding

The surrounding locality and area also matter in your tax assessment. If you live in areas near dump or sewage treatment, your property value might be lower than you can expect, so as a result, your tax repayment would be lesser.

Even if you feel you are paying more tax, you can seek a new assessment for your real estate.

  • Review Your Bill

​​​​​​​It might happen the bill you receive has some mistake. You should review your tax bill for potential errors. The bill should contain your taxes from the previous year. Look if the figures are accurate, and if they are not, contact the assessors for correction.

  • Be Aware of Design Problems

​​​​​​​You would feel it as a surprise to know that your property design also matters to figure out your real estate value. Suppose you have a house with four bedrooms with one garage, then it decreases your property's worth. In real estate terms, it is functional obsolescence.

  • Property Specifications

​​​​​​​Make sure your property specifications are accurate. It can be a mistake at the assessor's end when he/she calculate internal square footage based on the external outlook in your real estate or Singapore property. To ensure this does not happen, you can connect with a surveyor to check if external specifications are up to the mark.


It is not easy to have a real estate when you find yourself within the boundaries of tax repayment, mortgage value, and whatnot. But after reading this, you might feel at ease with your tax calculation and accurate figures. Use this knowledge smartly to have a reduction in your property tax.