Top 5 Apps For Real Estate Agents

Top 5 Apps For Real Estate Agents

In a real estate business, you should be able to manage and build your empire. In a world fully dependent on technology, there is no better way to improve your real estate techniques by using your gadgets. You can simply manage your business with mobile apps, you have about 300 apps created each day.

You certainly have many methods to make it better but it is the simplest and efficient one. So, let’s discuss some top apps for real estate agents.


GoConnect is one of the most foremost time management apps that can also help a real estate agent to organize a never-ending to-do list that real estate agents have. It can easily organize the length list of the things that you have to do in a whole day, month, or year. It also can sync with other devices.

It is clean to use and very easy to operate. You can create your online checklist there. As GoConnect apps mainly aim at prioritizing the things in your list and giving preference to them accordingly. This app creates a personalized message generator for the buyer so that they can easily communicate with the clients.


Redfin app is one of app is an online brokerage for buying a home, selling it, or renting it. Through this, all real estate professionals can easily prefer doing business online. In the Redfin app, multiple search features are provided, which can easily be filtered by a certain city, ZIP code, neighborhood, and many more. 

This is the only real estate app that TIME has named in its 50 Best iPhone apps of 2013, this is a unique app that basic pictures and descriptions. This is an app that is easy to access for both realtors as well as buyers. It provides us with detailed data, maps, and photos.

Open Home Pro

The open Home Pro app is mainly a company that permits real estate professionals to run their open houses via electronic devices and gadgets. This app is easy to set up and personalized. This apps provides the feature of storing in open home pro and can be easily emailed for easy insertion.

This app provides full-screen photo slideshows to show the client and also provides the em note pad which allows your client for notes and comments during an open house.


A versatile app that can help you in remembering the information of all the devices that you use for real estate practices is Evernote. It allows you to take notes and photos, record voice reminders, create to-do lists, and much more.

In this app information is auto synchronized among every gadget whether it’s a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This app will provide you will online notebooks that can be easily shared with your respective co-workers. You can also access this app offline.

Supra Key

Supra Key is the app in which you can easily sell your real estate property, which is also efficient and safe to use. This app provides you with wireless updates and alerts you when needed. Supra Key can obtain the listing of keys. 

It has an advanced search option with the availability of business tools in which you can include MLS data storage. This app allows you to protect your client’s sensitive information like passwords, numbers, and bank details, and so on.