Ultimate Checklist For Home Buyers in Singapore

Ultimate Checklist For Home Buyers in Singapore

Buying House in Singapore is a great experience and exciting if you are a first-time homebuyer. Most times, people feel worried about what to carry and what not while home viewing trip. Here you will come to know about all the necessary things and assets you should carry on your home viewing trip.

Prepare A List of Questions

Several questions come to mind when you are buying House in Singapore. You have to be quick and spontaneous while asking these questions to make sure your entire checklist is available in the form of your real estate.

You can divide questions into different categories:

  • Inside House Questions:
  1. In Singapore real estate, each square feet matters. Do not forget to ask about the size of each room and you are carrying a measuring tape. Without wasting a minute, you can even ask them to measure in front of you.
  2. Do not trust what is brighter. Sellers are smart while selling. It is a trick to attract buyers. Sellers turn on all the lights of the house to make things appear appealing. Ask to turn off the lights.
  3. Since you are buying a new house in Singapore, you would not like to repaint it after buying. So, ask your seller about the last time they painted this house.
  4. Don't miss to check electricity and sockets in the house. Carefully, introspect wiring and check out if everything is up to the mark.


  • Around House Questions:
  1. How is the road traffic near this property? (In case your property is on or near roadside)
  2. Is it safe with neighbors around? Whether people are friendly or not? A good neighborhood is a blessing in disguise.
  3. Do not miss out on asking about nearest schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other utility stores.
  4. If it is an HDB or condo, ask about security or easy access to outsiders.
  5. What about the space in front of the real estate? Will it convert into a construction site soon? It is a vital question as no one wants to stay in noise and construction site's hustle.


  • Kitchens/Toilets
  1. It is necessary to check there are no drainage issues. The repair will take your precious penny, so ask the sellers in advance about the same.
  2. In the kitchen and bathrooms, ventilation is a must. Also, see if the place for a chimney is available in the kitchen or not.
  3. Also, ask about bathroom flooring. It should be slippery to prevent any injury in the future.
  4. You have to ask questions related to the washing area. How near or far is the washing area from the place of hanging clothes for drying?


Things You Should Carry Along

Whenever you are out for home viewing, you should never forget to carry the following utilities:

  • Mobile Phone with a good internet connection and location turned on.
  • A relative would guide you better and prevent you from making wrong decisions.
  • A measuring tape.
  • A pen/pencil and paper pad or notepad is a must. You might say a phone has noted, then why physical notes-keeper? The answer is simple you might not be able to dot down layouts in notepads efficiently.


Final Thoughts

In your next journey or your relatives' next trip for home, viewing may not face these issues. Real estate in Singapore can get you what you seek as your dream home. You only have to figure out things and draw a road map of the requirements, and there you go for your dream home.